KFM 14 Oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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The perfect mug for when you are on the go! This Cotton Hill KFM travel mug is a must have to add to your collection. This travel mug is double sided and weighs 11.85 oz. and is designed for everyday use. It's perfect for water, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soup and more. It's made of durable 100 % stainless steel material, so it's low-maintenance, unbreakable,and not easy to chip or crack. With it's 14 Oz capacity, sized in 2.5"(Bottom) x 3.35"(Top) x 6"(Height), it is convenient to carry along with you. The plastic C-shaped handle is insulated and comfortable to hold. With the removable lid that makes for easy washing, this is the perfect gift for family friends, etc.